Sunday morning awoke feeling quite good with no headache,far out, so back to whitby with Helen B and into a very nice tea room for tea and scones, is there a patern developing here perhaps ? Wandered around and Helen brought some Jet earings, 747 I think. She also got some amber ones for her other half. As ever I did not have quite the best or most sensible footware on so we go up to the head land but did not do the Abbey stairs, I think it was about storm force 9 by then. No only joking but it was a little bit chrisp and even temperature wise so
Helen as ever took some very groovey photos. >>
Whitby was very full of goths in full rig which was rather fun so we spent an excellent half-day goth spotting.

When shall we three meet again  

Never been to Whitby before, but seems a nice enough place from what I have seen so far.
should you be playing in your condition dear
Was the hotel chosen because of the number of mirrors, I am
begining to wonder ?

What are all these weird little dots on this paper ?
Search me...


Dig for Dracula
Dig For Dracula, you know it makes sense ^^^
Helen B with her kit out on the table again at Scarborough

Helen, our estwhile camera person and videographer,
takes a drop of the hardstuff to cope under stressfull
conditions on the soundstage.