Yes, Its one of the songs that Martine Rose thinks you should not hear !!!she may be right of course !!!
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More video from "2002" Harmony weekend here
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Helen videoed the cabarat with
Ruby (formerly the lady M) doing her thing,and a lot of other stuff as well.
She got some really good shots of the disco as well.

Hopefully some of that will be comeing to the web soon.
Video of the Harmony weekend is here

Stay Tuned !!!

Rubys fan club

It was so cold and the wind was just blowing too much next time the middle of the shoping center perhaps.
Some of you will have seen the intrepid
Helen with her video camera.

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Cold carpark Song

Diana on the Piano


  Above Ruby ,Amanda, and Joanna
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Diana's Blues Windows media Video

Back in 1997 we were doing this !!!

Electric Dave and Diana dueting at joys place after much consumption of vodka

Fairy realVideo format

A slightly ironic look at infatuation..

Electra guitar instrumental from about the same time.


  beside the seaside