More thoughts of Chairperson Diana.

Just a few more idle thoughts which have sprung to mind recently.
I would not say that I was particularly policticaly minded, but recent world events do make us think how petty and small our own problems may be. I sometimes dream that there will be a day when we can wake up and find that all these problems of violence , ethnic cleansing and predjudice have simply gone away.

You may say ," I 'm a dreamer " and you would be in very good company if you did, but there must be away for us all, if not to live together, to sort of rub along in a reasonably tolerant way.Its a very small world and everybody is now your neighbour, you could be reading this anywhere in the world and most places can be reached in about 12 Hours on a plane.
OK then lets all try to get along, please, please, please.....
>>>>>>>Its a very Small world >>>>>
let's all just think about it a little and hope.Or maybe we should pray a little too.
May be we should pray a lot ?