Liz Joy & Diana at the Lodge in Upminster Emmas Posh Frock    

Liz Joy and Diana whoop it up at the Lodge 7 May 2003 <______________________>Emmas Posh Frock <____________>
My first visit to the Lodge in Upminster was on 7 May, and very good fun it was too. The dance floor looks very empty, but it was full later in the evening.
Its an excellent venue, and has plenty of car parking space convienently located in Corbetts Tay Road in Upminster,(turn in to the Alley way just by the Pizza Place) and in my case only an hours drive from Battersea. Admission was £7.50 which includes a buffet type meal.There is a disco, but you can escape in to the quiet room if you just want to chat to your girlfriends...I saw a lot of the regular TLI crowd there too. Its well worth going to so I hopefully we will see you there soon.
Events at the Lodge take place every 1st Wednesday in the month
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