Well I got there, after the worst journey ever, got stuck in just about every possible traffic jam, including an hour at Goole because the motorway was closed due to an accident.Just at the point when I though I could actaully make up some time. So go there at about 7.00 and just made it down to the buffet by about 7.45. Still had a bad head due to a very heavy cold. Only one phone call from work by missed it as I was driving at the time. Helen B who I was sharing a room with had a worst time of it though as her car had broken down so she arrived about 11:30 but it was not a bad performance as she had flown in from the USA the previous night. useuall disco and stuff. chatted with cronies, Joy, Liz, Kirsty and so forth. Saturday got up with headache, took disprin as usual, staggered to breakfast with extreme nausea. Went with Alice and Joanna, Joy, Helen B to Whitby Abbey, wandered around there for about 2 hrs. Watched some young very attractive gothy girls doing a photo shoot there too, sun shone brightly but very cold, far to cold for a soft southerner like me. Went in to excellent Abbey tea rooms and had home made scones. Great. Very attractive young RG goths came in from the photo session at that time too, Helen had her video camera with her so I am sure will l get to see more later. Blasting northern gales had partially cleared my head by this point, we then though that enough was enough and headed back to the hotel. More coffees and met up with Mellissa from Eastbourne who was a friend of Emmas. Afternoons worth of girly chat then chilled for a while. Went down to the main dinning room and met Alice and Jasmine and proceeded to run through a few tunes, had interesting blusey jam with Jasmine. went back to room and got ready for evening meal. Veggy option was some mysterious noodle concoction but luckly was not too hungry. Watched Roses Pagent, I think the numbers were slightly down on entrants this year. Still feeling a little bit rough, so no dancing. Bed eventually. Diana at Whitby harbour, and it was too cold
Joanna video's, joy sits and the sun shines
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