All about me !!!

I am a Tg Person,"what do you mean by that" Well Ever since I was quite young I had always had the feeling that I should have been a girl, over the years the feeling got a lot stronger and after the usual dressing in private when my parents were out, and convienently having a sister who's clothes I could borrow, I began to feel that I should do something about. I married and at the time,I did not tell my wife and for the first four years of our marriage she new nothing about it, I would dress in private whilst she was out and so forth.A bit of fresh air

One day after I had had a few drinks and was feeling very talkative, the discussion got on to the subject of crossdressing , and for some reason it all came out. Now I am still married to Alison and she has been very understanding, though it did take a long time for her to come to terms with it, and we had counselling and a lot of very bitter arguements , but though I would not say our life is anywhere near perfect we do get along fairly well.

There are many people who I should thank for helping me on my journey out of the closet and in to the world, and I send them my regards , they know who they are !!!

I am sort of some where in the middle of transgender riddle , I have in the past been through all the agonys of wondering what I should do next , but I am a little too settled in my ways to change completely so I am what I belive is called a dual role TV , though at times I would much prefer to go the whole way and change over I am very much established, but being also a bit of a musician some how I always seem to be to busy to make up my mind !!!

Seriously though, it has taken me quiet a while to get to a point where I can begin to feel normal, I have been profoundly depressed for years and I am only now begining to emerge from it , also being a somewhat reserved individual I do find it difficult to make friends and it takes me a long time to get to trust people so perhaps this site will make me a few new pals , so say hello girls , especially the shy ones like me.

Telling your family

Well it is not easy and I have told one of my sisters and it is now about two years since she first found out and she is still not to happy with the idea ,
but she is getting less hostile, it a strange thing but you really find out about people at at a time like this and try as we might ,one can not force people in to acceptance but you have to be true to you self in the end. In the past couple of months Beverley has "met" Diana finally and this seems to have been rather less traumatic for her than I think she expected.

Growing up
Out and about with Diana