A few more thoughts

There seems to be generally much more acceptance of people with alternate gender expression, for want of a better term.
How ever amoungst the community there still seems to be quite a divide between those who define themself as being Transexual and others like me who in general terms define themselves as having a more fluid gender identity.Big smile
Since putting my pages on the net I have had mostly supportive feedback in general though I have had one or too very negative comments.
To those people I simply say, get a life...
Big nose strikes back

It is with some regret that I look back over the past 41 years
and think to my self if only I had known that it was possible to make changes in ones life,
but I was a complete head case from my teenage years onwards and did not find it easy to identify or belong to any part of society.
The net has thank goodness opened many sources of information which were not generally available a few years back so with this more plugged in society I hope that others, particularly those who are teenage or thereabouts will be able to get help and become enabled to find there true gender identity and to be able to express it.

Growing up
Out and about with Diana